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A super welcome

Hi, welcome to Chao's portfolio, or Chaoster's gallery. In here you'll not only find his latest work showcasing his professional working process, but also learn more about his personality, his passion of being a good designer and how he's been making the progress. Feel free to look round and you're always welcome back here.


A brief introduction about Chaoster

A fun and thoughtful childhood

In Novemer 1986, Chao was born in a beautiful harbour city in China. When he was 4 years old, his mother brought him a pen and a sketch book to deal with his spare time. Surprised his mom, he picked up the pen and started his endless, carzy scribbling. That day was the first time he tried to communicate visually. Since then, he was so obbessed with this and never left home without his sketch book.

An awesome learning curve

He continued drawing as growing up and he did actually draw everywhere, from school books to walls in the backyard and even on girl's skirts. He was getting naughty and doodled every corner of his textbook with his super robot and octopus tank which almost drove his teacher crazy. He finally ended up getting enrolled in one of the top universities to take the degree of communication and eventually figured out how his visual communication skills inspired his creativity. After graduation, he decied to be a creative visual designer.

Living with the passion of being creative

After a couple of years working and learning, Chao's been productive, he mastered the software like his pen and use his skills to deliver professional designs. He's been working with some of world's top brands and big orgnisations, to help solve their visual problems. Socially, he has a group of good designer friends who have been bringing him tons of good inspirations and guidence. He loves his job and being passionate about challenge and new knowledge. Outside the work, he keeps reading everyday to refresh his mind and get more bright ideas.

Bits of mind for the future

He's got a foundmental but practical knowledge of coding. As he believes the ever improving technology triggers the creativity and help designers a lot more than before, he'd like to be an engineering designer who works across the both design and developing. In terms of the motion graphic, he's planning to be a good animator as well to broaden his creativity.

Chao's Value


Be creative and not afraid of restriction. There is always a light trigers bright ideas.


Keep crafting and expanding professional skills and always plan ahead to win.


Tough like a rock. Concentration, persistence and passion make a good craftsman.


Speak good idea loudly and proudly. Communicate with others to get improved and to contribute.

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