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Barclays Beyond Benefits

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Barclays Beyond Benefits is an internal project which provides Barclays Staffs an online consultancy and solution to help them deal with their pension, risk management, investment and so on. This is a very creative, smart corporate site which transfers the massive research data in a more appearling and persuasive vision.

  • Client     Barclays
  • Project     Microsite
  • Date     June 2013
  • Role     Infographic and icon designer
  • Credit     Matt, Wesley

Objective and Challenges

The main objective of this project was providing Barclays Staffs a complete online consultancy of their benefits. As the company had already done a thorough research of staffs’ feedback of the current offline benefits system, the challenge was transforming the research data into a pack of visually appealing and compelling infographics to support the content on the website.


Solution Part 1: Minimalistic Infographic

As Barclays brand style is simple and smart, the art direction of the GUI elements should be consistent as well. Followed this route, we did brainstorm and developed a solution which makes use of simple, minimal iconography to support key figures behind the research.


Solution Part 2: Consistent Iconography

Barclays had already built their initial package of iconography which provides us a very clean guidance to follow. As part of their icon family, our design had most of the iconic features like the 5px radius round corner, a combination of round corner and sharp corner and 45 degree cutting angle and so on.



At that stage, our infographic design was completed and these slick icons were used throughout the whole project. They were self-explaining and leading the users vision flow. This project was a very successful collaboration as well, Matt (Lead designer) and Wesley (Art director) and me were working closely and efficiently. We did a great number of brainstorm and assured there was no misconception. We also kept communicating frequently with the client to make sure we were on the right track. The fluent creative process, teamwork and clever thinking behind the design made a great job. All of the above drove the project smoothly. Our client was very happy with the final outcome.